Samsung TV Keeps Turning On And Off By Itself? 9 Best Ways To Fix

    You just bought a new Samsung Smart TV and can’t wait to use it. After you turn on the TV, choose a movie from the list that’s already there, and press the play button, the TV will turn off by itself after a few seconds. When you turn the light back on, it will stay on for five seconds before going out. If you’re Samsung TV turning on and off, then this article is for you.

    Credible reasons for Samsung TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly and ideas for how to fix them

    • The problem may be with your Eco Solution settings, which you can find by going to Settings > General > Eco Solution > Auto Power Off > Select Off.
    • The problem could be caused by how the Sleep timer is set. Go to Settings > General > System Manager > Time > Sleep Timer > Off to see what they are.
    • If the problem is with your software, you should be able to fix it by going to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now.
    • It could be a bad plug-in or wall switch (power strip, surge protector)
    • Before you turn on the TV, press and hold the power button for a full minute, this will show what’s happening.
    • After you unplug the TV from the wall, wait one minute before you plug it back in.
    • If the Samsung TV keeps turning on and off repeatedly after you’ve done these things, you should reset it.
    • Choose Settings > General > System Manager > Smart Security to run a scan for malware. Have a look at the main menu.

    Here are 9 solution if your Samsung TV turning on and off repeatedly

    An AC adapter

    Samsung TV Power Adapter Out

    The problem is that the power plug for the TV isn’t giving it enough juice to stay on. When the Samsung TV turns on and off, or, the TV uses more energy than the manufacturer planned. So that’s why it happens. Depending on the amperage of the electrical connection, this mismatch could suddenly cause the TV to turn off.

    Just plug the TV into the wall or a surge protector with the extra power to fix this problem. If the socket your TV is currently plugged into isn’t strong enough, you can use an extension cable to connect it to a stronger one.


    If your Samsung TV turns on by itself, these things could be to blame:

    • Remember that when some HDMI devices are turned on, they may also turn on your TV. Some devices, like the PlayStation 5, can’t show content until the Samsung TV is turned on.
    • To turn off Anynet+, go to the Settings menu, click General, and then External Device Manager.
    Samsung External Device Manager

    Consumer Electronics Operate, or HDMI-CEC, is a feature of HDMI that lets you use the TV’s remote to control devices that are CEC-compatible from your couch. Since CEC is a plug-and-play feature, not all HDMI devices can use it. To use HDMI-CEC, you must turn on your TV’s CEC feature and connect any CEC-capable devices to the TV through HDMI. This can solve your Samsung TV troubleshooting.

    The power-saving mode on the Samsung needs to be turned off

    General Settings > Eco Solution > Automatic Shutdown If your device is set to manual, you can turn it off by hand. Could you choose this option to turn it off?

    Make sure to turn off the Samsung Sleep Timer

    Make sure to turn off the Samsung TV Sleep Timer

    Go to “Settings” and “General” before making any changes. Next to “System Manager Time,” click “Sleep Timer.” Could you choose this option to turn it off?

    Check to ensure that Samsung’s operating system has the most recent update

    Samsung's TV operating system has the most recent update

    In the Support section of the Settings menu, click on “Software Update.” Take a look at the situation to see if anything has changed. Currently:

    There is always a chance that something will go wrong with the temperature. When the temperature gets too high, the TV turns off to protect itself from damage. If the TV is kept in a small space, it will get too hot. So, the TV must be placed somewhere that isn’t too crowded. Using a fan is another way to keep the temperature in the room at a comfortable level. Even if the weather is good, there may be a problem with how the electricity gets into the house. Not taking care of the TV can cause Samsung TV volume stuck

    Make sure the plug is in good shape by checking it. Use a multimeter to determine how much power comes from the wall plug. If the voltage is low, there is a problem with how the electricity is sent. Also, you should check the TV’s capacitor inside the TV. It could be broken, which would explain why the TV keeps turning off.

    Scan option

    Check each connected device for viruses and malware. Malware can be found quickly:

    Select Settings > General > System Manager > Smart Security from the menu. When you’re done with these steps, you can scan.

    Power cycling

    • A Samsung TV can be put in “standby” mode.
    • Pull the plug and cord out of the power source.
    • Press the power button for a full minute to turn off the TV.
    • Connect a power source to your device.
    • Turn on the TV to see if it works.

    The remote control may be having trouble

    There could be a lot of changes in temperature or very hot or cold weather. If you use your remote for a long time, and it doesn’t turn off itself, you should get a new one.

    The TV turns off because of a mistake in the system code

    Samsung TV troubleshooting is possible. You can tell them about problems at the help desk, and they will take care of them. Another choice is to upgrade to a newer version. Go to Settings > Support > Software Update > Update Now to keep the update going.


    The Samsung Smart TV is one of the best things you can buy for your home. But if you don’t know how to handle it right, it could cause trouble. This post discusses problems with Samsung TV turning on and off repeatedly and how to fix them. Be ready if your TV breaks down again. Just read this post carefully and then do what it says.


    Why does my Samsung TV keep going on and off?

    There are three common reasons a TV might turn on itself: dust on the power button on the remote control objects connected to the TV or wrongly set up settings. If the button to turn off the TV is stuck on the remote, you should clean it. Taking care of these steps will clearly fix the back of Samsung smart TV to its life.

    Does a Samsung TV have a button that resets it to how it was when it was first bought?

    To get to the General menu, go to the Settings menu. Enter your PIN (the default is 0000), and then choose “Reset” from the menu. Click OK to finish the factory reset. If the power goes out, your TV will turn back on by itself. Follow these steps if the Samsung TV turning on and off repeatedly.

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