LG CX OLED TV (OLED65CX) Review, Specs & Price

    LG CX OLED offers an exceptional high-end TV. It’s part of LG’s well-known OLED range, which is positioned just behind that of the LG GX OLED and delivers the same stunning picture quality as the other models. It can shut off individual pixels that, result in a nearly infinite contrast ratio to ensure flawless blacks and no flare surrounding bright areas. 

    It’s packed with gaming-related features like variable rate support, HDMI 2.1 inputs, and a 120Hz display with fast response times. It can also perform well in bright lighting because it has excellent reflection management. However, its SDR brightness isn’t great. Would you like to know what LG CX OLED looked at its peak in its capabilities? Follow the complete blog to know the complete information regarding LG CX OLED and LG CX OLED TV Specs. 

    LG CX OLED TV Price And Release Date

    LG CX OLED comes in various sizes, ranging from the new 48-inch model for 2020 to a massive 77-inch display. The 48-inch model is now priced at $1,299 or PS1,099, with the largest size of 77 inches now available for sale at $2,999 / PS2,999.

    It’s the 65-inch model that was originally priced at $2,499 or PS2,799 (around 3,800 AUD). However, it has been reduced to $1,899/PS1,799, roughly the RRP of the 55-inch model.

    Performance Of LG CX OLED 

    When you turn on the screen, it’s clear that the LG CX is magical. With its OLED panel, it provides an amazing image that is perfect for blacks and vibrant colors. In contrast to LCD or LED panels, every pixel on the OLED panel has its power source, a backlight. This results in stunning contrast and a picture that is especially impressive in dim rooms.

    To enhance that, you can add the feature of Dolby Vision. The HDR experience is fantastic for the two, whether gaming or watching. We couldn’t remember the show to watch since focused on the quality of the picture when I was using the LG CX. 

    As amazing as the LG CX can be for watching TV and movies, gamers will be most interested in what it can provide. Equipped with 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 120fps 4K video and the ability to adjust the refresh rate and a wide range of features, the CX can handle everything a console throws at it at the moment and is one of the top 120Hz 4K TVs that money can purchase.

    LG CX OLED Style

    LG CX LG CX has a sleek design with an elegant feel and looks like its predecessor, the LG C9 OLED. The silver metal on its back is slightly dark than the predecessor. However, it comes with the same stand that permits the TV to be placed next to the table.


    The stand is extremely solid, and the TV doesn’t sway. It’s about as large as the TV, so you’ll require a huge table to set it on. Furthermore, since the TV is very low to the table, putting the soundbar on top might block the screen. The footprint of the 55-inch TV stand is 36″ 9.6″ x 36″. 9.6″.

    Back Side Of LG CX OLED 

    The back of the panel is similar to that of the LG C9 OLED. The top portion holding the panel is made of solid metal, while the lower part houses the inputs and is made of textured plastic. There are side-facing as well as back-facing inputs. Additionally, there’s an aluminum cover on the stand to manage cables. If you’re planning on mounting it to the unit’s wall and are looking for a comparable TV with a wall mount, you can check out LG GX OLED.

    Built Quality

    It’s a great TV. LG CX has fantastic build quality. The stand’s front and the top portion of the rear is constructed from metal. However, there’s a little stretch on the top of the television. The stand’s back and the panel that holds the inputs are made of solid plastic, which looks like metal.

    LG CX OLED: New Picture Modes

    The OLED65CX or LG CX OLED TV Display comes with two new modes for pictures. The Filmmaker Mode has been developed through a partnership with UHD Alliance and movie creatives which is designed to reproduce on television the kind of settings that creators employ when creating content. In general, this is turning some of the television’s picture processing functions off, resulting in images that some feel slightly juddery and dull to view in a bright space. Filmmaker Mode and LG’s Cinema Home preset do not have much distinction.

    Another new mode for pictures is Dolby Vision. The Dolby Vision feature blends the additional HDR information about the picture and screen optimization elements in Dolby Vision HDR with an assessment of the room’s conditions through an integrated light sensor. The concept is to alter several aspects of the image in real-time, ensuring that the final print has the same look, no matter the degree to which your viewing conditions vary.

    Do You Need To Buy It?

    The LG CX is a phenomenal high-end TV. For pure enjoyment and eye candy, it’s hard for a more satisfying model, including the latest models that have come out within over two years since the CX’s launch. There’s nothing to improve.

    The combination of sharp visuals and a fast refresh rate allows it to go against top-of-the-line PC monitors. And even consoles with the latest generation aren’t able to make the most of the features LG offers in this.

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