Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Gaming Headset: Specs And Review

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    Since 2017, the famous Cloud Alpha headset from HyperX has a mixture of good comfort, quality, and affordability to immerse gamers in their virtual worlds. The company’s latest edition of the Cloud Alpha keeps the tried-and-true features of its predecessor while also eliminating the cable. They have a solid reason because they promise 300 hours of entertainment between charges. They provide Cloud Alpha Wireless a two-week test drive to discover whether this promise is accurate and whether the $199.99 price tag is good.

    Traditional Cloud Pattern

    The Cloud Alpha Wireless resembles the Cloud II Wireless in appearance and feels. Also, the headset’s red stitching on fade black leather is right down to the headset. The headphones are black and red, with wide oval-shaped earcups, matte black rubberized sides, black semi-gloss rear panels, and red metal skeleton struts. Connecting the electronics are short with fabric wires that travel from the tops of the cups to the headband.

    The leatherette-covered earpads are adequately yet lightly cushioned. They lack the large, deep memory foam/gel pads of the Razer Kraken V3 Pro. On the other hand, they have sufficient soft foam to cushion the headset on the sides of your head. The Cloud Alpha Wireless weighs 11.8 ounces, making it lighter than the Kraken V3 Pro but heavier than the Razer Barracuda X and the wired Astro Gaming A10. The Cloud Alpha Wireless was rather tight but comfy.

    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Review

    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Review

    Here we will discuss the highlight of the hyperx cloud alpha headphones. To know more details, follow the following points for an explanation. 

    300 Hours of Battery Life

    Get 300 hours of battery life that allow you to play for nearly a week without the battery running out. Clear many game campaigns without the need to recharge. Also, you can spend every moment in comfort with Cloud Alpha Wireless’ luxurious HyperX trademark memory foam and breathable leatherette ear cushions. The twin chamber design of the HyperX Dual Chamber Drivers produces crystal-clear music by separating the mids and highs from the bassy lows.

    Easy-to-use HyperX NGENUITY software allows you to monitor battery life, adjust the equalizer, and access more customization options. First Gaming Headset with greater than 300 hours of battery lifeYou may expect weeks of gameplay from a single charge. The . quick 2.4GHz connection enables wireless mobility without compromising audio quality.

    DTS Headphone: Spatial Sound

    DTS Headphone: Spatial Sound

    With its accurate sound localization and simulated 3D sound staging, DTS Spatial Audio enhances the audio advantage and immersion.

    Dual Chamber HyperX Drivers

    The Cloud Alpha Wireless’s innovative twin chamber driver design adjusts the mid and highs independently of the bass-heavy lows to provide remarkably clear sounds.

    Signature HyperX Convenience

    With its velvety characteristic HyperX memory foam and breathable leatherette, this lightweight and comfy headset will help you maintain focus throughout long gaming sessions.

    Durable Aluminum Frame

    The durable aluminum frame ensures that your headset will last game after game, week after week, and year after year.

    Detachable Noise-Canceling Microphone With LED Indication

    The LED indication on the detachable Discord and TeamSpeak-certified microphone lets you know at a glance whether you’re muted or broadcasting your crystal-clear callouts.

    Onboard Audio Controls

    Onboard audio controls include volume, microphone mute, and microphone monitoring.

    Compatible With the Program NGENIITY

    The easy-to-use HyperX NGENUITY software allows you to see battery life, alter the equalization, and access more customization options.

    What You Get In Box?

    Wireless Gaming Headset, USB Wireless Adapter, USB Charge Cable, Detachable Microphone, Pop Filter, and Quick Start Guide

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    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Headphone Technical Specifications

    Hyperx Cloud Alpha

    Driver: 50mm dynamic neodymium magnets, Over-ear, circumaural, closed-back form factor

    Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 21 kHz

    At 1 kHz, sensitivity is -15 dBFS/Pa.

    T.H.D: ≤ 2 percent

    Frame Type: Aluminium

    Memory foam and quality leatherette ear cushions

    Specification of Microphone

    Element: Electret condenser microphone

    Polar Pattern: Bi-directional, Noise-cancelling

    At 1 kHz, sensitivity is -15 dBFS/Pa.

    Connections and Features

    USB Specification: 24 bit USB 2.0 bit depth

    Onboard Audio Controls: Audio controls

    Specs for Batteries

    Maximum battery life of 300 hours

    4.5 hours for charging

    Bluetooth Specifications

    Maximum wireless range: 20 meters

    Physical Characteristics

    USB charging cable; length (inches) and type: 0.7 pound

    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Networking Price

    If we consider the hyperx cloud alpha wireless Price, they are available for $199.99 on their official website. You can also buy hyperx cloud alpha wire headset on Amazon by applying banking discount.

    How is the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless for gaming?

    HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless for gaming

    Regardless of the platform, gaming is enjoyable with the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless. It is comfortable, and the battery life is sufficient for as many extended gaming sessions as possible. The leatherette does nothing to prevent heat buildup, but this is a problem with all headsets.

    The spatial sound function works efficiently when playing games like Valorant and Risk of Rain 2 on a PC. With the Cloud Alpha Wireless, even games with subdued soundtracks, such as Tunic, sound incredibly clear.

    The PlayStation 5 does not support the spatial sound function of gaming headsets. However, the Cloud Alpha Wireless is compatible with the system’s default audio output. Positional noises of adversaries sneaking around corners are quite useful while playing Elden Ring, and they come through rather well on this headset.

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    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset comes with amazing battery life. You can use it nearly 300 hours and battery last long till 1 week if you charge it full. It has big audio drives which generates very good quality of sound. You can wear it during the gaming and while streaming the media to feel the 3D sound. It is stereo sound supported with very good quality. At the price of $199, it is one of the best wireless headset.


    Hyperx Cloud Alpha Wireless Headset
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