How To Fix It When Your Roku Remote Is Not Working

    If you are an avid user of the Roku streaming device, you know how helpful it can be when it comes to watching your favorite shows and movies. With over 2000 channels available for streaming, there is something for everyone. One downside to using a Roku is that sometimes the Roku remote is not working properly. If this ever happens to you, don’t panic! It’s likely that your remote just needs some minor troubleshooting in order to get back up and running again. The purpose of this article is to help you identify why your Roku remote is not working and give you some tips on how to fix a Roku remote so that you can once again enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

    The Remote May Be Too Far From The Device

    The first thing you want to do when the Roku remote not working is to assess your environment and see if there is anything in your surroundings that could be interfering with the remote. Are there any large appliances nearby, like refrigerators or stoves, that emit strong magnetic fields? Is there anything in your home that’s made of steel, like a filing cabinet or a set of drawers? There are a lot of different things that can cause your remote to stop working. When it comes to Roku, you want to make sure that your remote is within about 15 feet of the device. The remote and the Roku device both have to be plugged in for this to work. If you’re within the required distance and still can’t use the remote, then your remote may be broken.

    The Battery May Be Dead

    This is a very common problem among remotes, especially if you don’t use the remote very often. Luckily, replacing the batteries is an easy fix. Find the battery compartment on the back of your remote and remove the old batteries. Then, place two new batteries in the back of the remote and replace them. Once you replace the batteries, your remote should begin working again. If replacing the batteries doesn’t work, then your remote may have a bigger issue on its hands.

    Use Roku Remote App

    Roku comes with its mobile app which is available both on Android and on IOS. When you first install the app, you may see the Discovery screen that shows all the channels available to you. All you have to do it to pair your Roku box with the Roku mobile app, and then you can use your smartphone as a Roku remote. Apart from control, you can also find some exciting features on the Roku app such as access to free TV shows and movies via The Roku Channel, Support for your keyboard, the use of headphones to listen privately, connecting your smartphone to TV via cast, and many more. 

    Should You Buy A New Roku Remote Or It Is Just An Update Available?

    Before you go and buy a new remote, make sure that your Roku device isn’t just waiting for an update. Go to your device and select “Remote and Voice”. Then select “Remote”. Here, you will see if there is any updates are available for your remote. If there is an update available, make sure to download it and then restart your device. Once your device finishes updating, you will be able to use your remote once again. If there is no update for your remote, then you will have to buy a new remote.

    Check To Make Sure Your Roku Remote Is Working Properly

    Before you jump to the conclusion that your Roku remote is not working, you should make sure that the plug your Roku device into an outlet and plug your Roku remote into its own separate outlet. You should see a green light on the back of your Roku remote. If you don’t, then your remote probably doesn’t have a charge. But, If your remote has a charge, and the remote still doesn’t work, then your remote may be damaged and will need to be replaced. If your remote is plugged in, has a charge, and has a green light, but you still aren’t able to use it, then we need to rule out the possibility that the remote is broken.


    Your remote is your ticket to streaming glory. It’s almost like a magic wand that lets you access all of the amazing content Roku has to offer. So, when that remote isn’t working properly, it can be extremely frustrating. However, there are a few things you can check to make sure that it isn’t something you’re doing wrong. If your remote is working properly, but your Roku device is not responding, make sure to check your Internet connection and be sure that you are logged into the correct account. If you have tried everything and are still unable to get your Roku device working, it may be time to contact customer service. You may want to consider upgrading your Roku device or switching to another streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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