How To Fix A Cracked Phone Screen – Details Tips

    Everyone has felt the chills after seeing their beautiful cell phone slip out of their hands and fall to the floor. When this happens, the smartphone screen often breaks and becomes unusable. If you are a little lucky, the device may even work, but the appearance is not very pleasant.

    In this article I will teach you how to fix a cracked phone screen without having to spend a fortune, just using existing tools in abundance and at very low prices.

    What are the risks of using a cell phone with a cracked screen?

    phone with a cracked screen

    Many people continue to use their smartphones even after the screen cracks. As the display is such an important part, it can be expensive to repair, which is why people prefer to keep using their damaged devices longer before taking them in for maintenance.

    What a lot of people don’t know is that using a cell phone with a cracked screen can be very risky.

    At first, the crack in the screen could appear to be insignificant and unimportant, but as you put your phone in and take it out of your pocket, and swipe your finger across the touch screen, the crack will progressively grow.

    In this way, the problem that was small at the beginning can end up harming the operation of the device in the future.

    In addition, the person who uses the cell phone with a cracked screen runs the risk of cutting his finger on the exposed shards of glass. The best course of action is to take the cell phone in for maintenance as soon as you can.

    Smartphone Crack Screen fixing tips

    Scotch tape

    Scotch tape Phone Screen Fix

    If you want to keep using your cracked phone screen and don’t want to risk losing part of the glass or cutting your fingers, cover the screen with a layer of masking tape. But before putting it on your cell phone screen, it is necessary that you clean the cracked screen very well with cotton, and then apply the adhesive tape.


    If the cracks on your phone screen are superficial, you can use white toothpaste. The same should be spread with a piece of cotton or a piece of soft fabric, which will help to reduce imperfections.


    This may be a more recommended phone screen crack fix option than all the ones we mentioned above. If the cracks on your smartphone’s LCD are superficial, and your cell phone continues to be usual, a screen protector is without a doubt the best option, this is because it will make the cracks undetectable. Give your phone a new look.

    Car wax

    Car wax  phone screen fix

    It may seem too radical, but car wax also serves to soften the appearance of cracked canvas. Because it’s abrasive, it basically works like toothpaste, but in a more intensified way.

    In short, all you have to do is use a piece of suede or the fluffiest cloth you have to polish the canvas after you apply the product and it has adhered to the canvas.

    Lip balm

    The transparent lip balm can be one of the solutions to fix a cell phone with a broken or cracked screen. Just pass a little of the lip balm on the cracked screen, with the help of cotton or a thin and soft cloth, and make straight and homogeneous movements. Then repeat the process once it dries.

    Vegetable oil

    This technique will not completely eliminate the problem. It will only try to “minimize” the damage done.

    Take the oil, with the help of thin and soft cloth or cotton, and introduce to the parts of the canvas where you have the cracks. But be careful: the oil will disappear and will have to be reapplied.


    Phone Screen fix by Sandpaper

    This method is not recommended for people who have a weak heart. If a small mark appears on your phone screen, you can try sanding it with paper or even using a sander. But don’t sand too enthusiastically, as you may not have a canvas left.

    Sodium bicarbonate

    Another very popular technique that has been circulating on social media is to use a paste made from baking soda and mix it with water. Just make a thick paste and rub with a cloth. This should cover up the problem for a while.

    Baby powder

    Minor phone cracked screen can also be improved with a mixture of baby powder and water.

    Firstly, mix the two together until you get a thick paste. With a clean, dry cloth, gently rub the scratches and wipe.

    Make sure not to use in deeper cracks or with too much water, to avoid water damage to the phone.

    Buy another screen

    Screen Replacement

    If you don’t want to kill yourself with all the cracked phone screen repair tips mentioned above, you can simply buy a new cell phone screen and replace the one that is already damaged.


    It is important to mention that all the tips on how to fix a cell phone with a broken or cracked screen mentioned above, may not solve your problem definitively, so it is necessary to review the status of your Smartphone’s LCD from time to time.

    Generally, many people who buy a new screen on their smartphone choose to look for a cell phone maintenance technician to replace the old LCD with the new one.

    Finally, always remember to avoid using your cell phone while on the move. Most accidents happen precisely during moments of distraction.

    So, be careful to avoid having a cracked cell phone screen.

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