How to Delete Discord Account and Discord Server

    There are many options for communicating with friends online. Discord is the best option if you like to play games. Discord is a popular messaging app, but it was initially an unsuccessful online multiplayer iOS game. It allows your PC or mobile device to focus its resources on the games you play and not the chat apps running in the background. You might want to switch to another chat app or delete your Discord profile. So let’s know how to delete your Discord Account and Discord server if you close the chat once at all.

    Method to Delete a Discord Account

    It is a smart idea to delete your old online accounts in order to protect your privacy and security. Be aware that you will delete your Discord account permanently. This will not restore data in the future.

    You will need to transfer ownership to the server before deleting an account. If you do not delete or transfer ownership of your server to someone, Discord will block you from deleting your account.

    How to Disable Your Discord Account

    Delete a Discord Account

    Discord allows you to delete or disable an account. Discord is very similar to Facebook or other social media networks. To stop using your account, you can delete it. Disabling it signifies that you are taking a vacation.

    Disabling your Discord account will allow you to leave the site and take a break for a while to return. This will save time and make it much easier to get your account back when you return.

    • Place the Discord app on your screen by opening it.
    • Log in to access your User Settings (the cog icon).
    • You will find the option to disable your account at the bottom. Also, it is located right next to Delete Account. To disable your account, click it.
    • You can delete your Discord account on the desktop or on the Web by clicking here.

    You can use the discord app and Discord for the Web to remove your Discord account. Both clients will follow the same steps.

    Start Discord from Your Computer to Get Started

    • You will find your username in the bottom-left corner of the user setting section.
    • Select “My Account” from the settings menu.
    • Here you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and find my account. Then, click on the delete account button.
    • Discord will ask you to delete or transfer a server you have to Discord. You can then proceed by doing one of these.
    • After that, you’ll see a prompt to delete the Account option. Then, click on the password button and enter your Discord password.
    • If two-factor authentication has been enabled, you will need to enter your code.

    Disable Your Account on Mobile

    Disable Your Account on Mobile

    It is more difficult to disable your account on iOS and Android than on a computer. You cannot delete or disable an account from a mobile device at the moment. These options are available to you by:

    • Firstly, open Discord on your mobile phone or tablet.
    • Then, tap on the profile icon in the bottom right to open User Settings. Click on My Account.
    • You can then choose to disable or delete your account. After selecting one, you will take the support page explaining how. It is also similar to what you’re reading now.
    • You must submit a support ticket to disable or delete an account from mobile. Mobile users can’t delete their Discord accounts by using this method.

    Mobile Discord Account Delete

    • Firstly, open the Discord app to delete your Discord account.
    • Then, tap the profile icon in the app’s lower bar.
    • After that, tap on my account, which is available on the user settings page.
    • Now, select my account option.
    • Then, scroll to the bottom of my Account page and tap on the delete account.
    • At the bottom, tap on the delete account.
    • The prompt the delete account that will appear. Enter your current password by tapping on the Password Box.
    • Next, click on the delete button.
    •  If you have enabled two-factor authentication, Discord will ask for this code to protect your account.
    • Enter your password in the password box and click on the delete button.
    • Finally, here to delete your Discord account.

    How to Open Multiple Discord Accounts

    • Open Stack
    • Log in to your Discord account.
    • Next, open a new window in Stack by clicking on the three-dotted menu at the top-right.
    • You can toggle the private session as shown in the GIF.
    • Register for your second discord account. That’s all!

    You can open multiple discord servers simultaneously, or you may wish to have DMs next to your server open. Private modes are not required. You can open as many discord instances as you like.

    Procedure to Discord Sign In/ Log In

    If you’re on a browser, start by heading to

    If you’re using a computer or smartphone, it’s easy to start the Discord application for your phone. When you’re on the page to log in, you need to type in either.

    Firstly, you need your email address or phone number to be officially verified by your Discord account. Then, in the following box, type in the password associated with your account in the second box.

    Important: You’ll have to confirm your phone number with your Discord account prior to using them to log in with your phone! Learn how to confirm the phone number you have linked to your Discord account.

    Method to Log In with QR Code

    How to Open Multiple Discord Accounts

    If you have already downloaded and installed the mobile application for Discord and want to sign in fast and secure to your mobile and desktop apps, it is possible to use QR Code Login. QR Code Login. To utilize QR Code Login, begin logging into your Discord account from your mobile device.

    After that, open the user Settings menu on the User Settings menu in your Discord mobile app and choose the Scan QR code option. Once you’ve opened the scanner, align with the box using the QR code on the screen. After that, you’ll be asked to confirm your account on Discord using your mobile device.

    Be aware that the application will request camera permissions to be installed on your device to allow you to scan QR codes.

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