How To Delete or Remove Contact On iPhone And Mac

    The contact list is the essential part of the mobile phone. If you are an iPhone user, you also have a Contacts List on your iPhone. The contact list includes both Contacts created and stored on iPhone or iCloud. Also, it is syncing contacts from other sources like Outlook, Gmail, or Social Media Accounts. Sometimes, you need to delete the contact from the contact list. In the next section, we will discuss the simple and genuine method to delete the contact on iPhone.

    Method 1: How to Delete a Contact on iPhone

    If you are a user of iPhone and you have a contact saved in your contact list. Moreover, you want to delete the contact from your list. We will explain all the steps in the below section, and you need to implement all the steps in the same sequence.

    1. Firstly, open the Contact App and choose the contact you want to delete or remove from the list.
    2. Then, you can see the edit option available in the top-right corner of your screen.
    3. On the next screen, you find the Delete Contact option at the bottom.
    4. Now comes a new pop-up. Click on the Delete Contact to Confirm.

    This method applies to a single message at a time. Moreover, if you have multiple contacts and want to delete or remove all contact at a time, you can easily delete contacts on your iPhone by using this technique. Then, you can follow the next method.

    Method 2: How to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone Using iCloud

    Before starting, we will tell you this method you can execute by using iCloud. If you want to delete multiple contacts simultaneously, then no other option is available to you. Here, you need to use an iCloud Account on a computer.

    1. Firstly, you need to visit from your Mac or PC and log in to your iCloud account.
    2. After Login, click on the contacts button.
    3. On the next slide, choose the contacts that you want to delete.
    4. Then, tap on the Gear Shaped icon in the bottom-left corner.
    5. At last, click on the delete option to delete all the contacts.

    An additional tip to save your time: Press the Ctrl button and choose the Contacts that you want to delete from your iPhone.

    If you execute these steps, you can easily delete multiple contacts by using the iCloud account.

    Method 3: How to delete a single contact on your Mac

    If you are using a Mac, you can implement this process to delete a single contact from your contact list.

    1. Open your Contact section, then choose a single contact that you want to delete your contact.
    2. Then, use Right-click the contact name and choose the Delete option.
    3. Now, tap on the delete button to delete the contact.
    4. You can also select the contact you want to delete and press the delete key from the keyboard.
    5. Finally, tap on the delete icon to delete the contact.

    This process you can apply on a single contact. If you want to delete multiple contacts, you can easily delete multiple contacts with a single click by using the following method.

    Method 4: How to delete all iCloud contacts on your Mac

    There are some simple steps to delete multiple contacts at a time. So, we will mention this in the below section.

    1. Firstly, open the Contacts section.
    2. Then, choose the first contact, hold to down Shift.
    3. Then, more at the bottom of the list, and select contacts that you want to delete.
    4. That contact is highlighted. Now, you can delete all these contacts by clicking one option from the menu section.
    5. Here, select the Edit, then Select All.
    6. Now use the Right-click and choose the Delete Cards.
    7. Moreover, click on the Delete option to confirm.
    8. Alternatively, you can select all contacts, press the Delete key from the keyboard,
    9. After that, tap on the Delete to confirm.

    These are the steps you need to implement to delete multiple contacts of iCloud. Now, we will discuss the method to delete a single contact from iCloud.

    Method 5: How to delete a Single contact from iCloud

    There are some steps to delete a single contact from iCloud. Follow the below steps to get a result.

    1. Start with the visit to in a web browser.
    2. Then, log in to your Apple ID, and Open the Contacts.
    3. Now, choose the contact to delete.
    4. After that, tap on the Edit button and select Delete Contact.
    5. Alternately, select the contact, and press the Delete key from the keyboard.

    This process is also very easy to implement. Everyone can implement this process because it has simple steps.


    We have discussed the simple methods to delete contact on iPhone and Mac. All methods are very easy. Everyone can use these techniques to delete their contact on Mac and iPhone. Additionally, we have provided the pro-tips to save your time while deleting or removing the contact on Mac.

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