How to Change the Instagram App Icon on iPhone and Android?

    The circle, square, and dot that comprise the Instagram logo are easily identifiable and evoke images of a primary, traditional camera. However, if you become weary of how things seem, you’ll be relieved to hear that you may alter the icon. In honor of Instagram’s tenth birthday, users may change the app’s symbol through the settings menu, but only for a limited time. Here’s how to accomplish it using applications on your iPhone or Android.

    How To Change The Instagram Icon On An iPhone?

    Once you’ve got everything set up, changing any app’s icon, including Instagram icons, merely takes a few taps. Start Shortcuts, create a new shortcut and then choose “Open App” from the context menu of the shortcut to make it do anything. Choose Instagram from the display list, rename the shortcut “Instagram,” and then choose a picture to use as its icon.

    Your iOS device will create a new “Instagram” app shortcut when you’re finished. You may use any image as the icon for this rapid access. You may hide the first app if you don’t want two Instagram logos on your home screen.

    How To Change Instagram Icon 2022 Icons On Instagram?

    • Install the most recent version of Instagram from the Google Play Store (or the Apple App Store) on your phone (or Apple App Store)
    • Launch Instagram and choose the profile icon.
    • Tap the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top left corner of the screen to access the “Settings” section.
    • To access the emojis, scroll to the bottom of the menu box.
    • Then, a confetti explosion appears, revealing a new menu from which you may choose any primary or custom Instagram symbol.

    The Instagram icon on your Android phone will not change, but you will get a new shortcut to the app. However, for iOS users, the symbol will change immediately to represent what they wish.

    Changing The Instagram App Icon On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

    There are a few methods to know how to change Instagram icons on Android phones, but they all involve downloading and installing an app that Instagram didn’t create.

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    Utilize The Application

    Several free applications in the Google Play store allow you to customize the appearance of your apps. Still, many applications employ adverts inside the app to unlock features, and you may have to pay to access certain areas of the app within the app. 

    • Download the Changer app from the Google Play Store.
    • Tap and hold an empty place on your phone’s home screen for a few seconds, then choose Widgets from the Menu that displays.
    • . Tap and hold an icon until the home screen displays, then tap and hold the location you want to relocate it to before letting go of your finger.
    • Go to Instagram by tapping the Instagram symbol on your phone’s home screen.
    • Select the image you wish to use. You may choose an icon from one of the app’s numerous categories, shoot a photo of your phone, or utilize an image from your photo bank.
    • When you’re finished, press the OK button.

    As with other programs that allow you to change your symbol, you will most likely need to watch an ad or two to complete these procedures.

    Using A Launcher

    You may also replace your existing Launcher with one that allows you to alter the Instagram icon and the icons of any other applications you use. Most launchers will enable you to change the icons on your phone and modify your phone’s appearance. Smart Launcher is one popular Launcher that allows you to easily alter the icons on your home screen. We’ll show you how, but you can use any of many other launchers.

    • Download the Smart Launcher software from the Google Play Store.
    • Second, ensure you’ve completed the default settings after installing and using Smart Launcher for the first time. You will be prompted whether you wish to upgrade to a premium edition of the application, but you are not required to do so if you are satisfied with the free version.
    • Check out Instagram (Smart Launcher automatically sorts the app onto the Communication page). A menu will display if you hold down the symbol for a few seconds. Select the Edit option from this Menu.
    • To use an icon, click on it. You may choose an icon set from your phone’s gallery, the icons included with Smart Launcher, or any other icon packs you’ve downloaded.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Where Can I Locate The Ability To Alter My Instagram Account’s Security Questions And Answers?

    Go to your profile page and choose Menu (three dots) > Settings > Security > Password to update your Instagram password. You may change or reset your Instagram password from that page. First, enter the password you’re currently using. Then, enter the new password you want to use. Your changes will be saved if you click the Save button.

    What Is The Procedure For Changing The Name Connected To My Instagram Account?

    To update your Instagram handle, click on your profile picture and choose Edit Profile. Touch the Name box on the Edit Profile page to alter your public name, while the Username box allows you to modify your name privately. To confirm your changes, tap the blue checkmark in the top right corner of the screen.

    How Can You Change The Backdrop Color Of Your Instagram Story?

    By choosing “New Post” and then “Story” > “Create,” you may alter the color of the backdrop of your Instagram story. You may swiftly cycle between the colors by pressing the bottom color wheel. To begin typing, click on the keyboard symbol ( ). Be careful that the typeface you choose may limit the colors you may use. However, if everything seems OK, click the Finish button.

    The Final Wrap up

    We have discussed everything about how to change the Instagram app icon on iPhone and android. If you have any questions regarding this, let us know in the comments section.

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