Elden Ring DLC Release Date, Update & Leaks

    Updates could hint at Elden Ring DLC soon, with unpublished text hinting that there is a multiplayer and PVP balancing system. This confirms the long-held theory that the Colosseums scattered throughout the Lands will serve as the backdrop for the future.

    Although it might seem obvious to create new content for Elden Ring, FroSoftware has been reluctant to commit to anything until now, leaving all speculation and datamined clues. Let’s look at what we know about Elden Ring DLC to find out more.

    Elden Ring DLC Release Date

    As of the writing, Elden Ring’s first DLC has yet to be released. It might not be easy to pinpoint a release date window as it is to take down Melania with a Dance Pad. We know from SoulsBorne’s past titles that from software takes less than a year to create large amounts of DLC content.

    Ray Tracing And Discovery Of New Areas

    Elden Ring’s 1.07 Update is now available. The community’s data miners discovered some exciting things that could be coming to the game shortly. First, fromSoft may update the game’s visuals to incorporate ray tracing. Although the developers have confirmed nothing official yet, Souls guru, Lance McDonald said that data miners discovered menu strings related to ray tracing in the code for the update.

    Even more exciting is the fact that the update also contains references that do not otherwise exist in-game data. This is almost certainly from preparing the game to receive the upcoming DLC. These two new areas could hint at the number of DLCs that will be coming to Elden Ring. 

    Do You Think Elden Ring Will Have DLC?

    Nothing has been officially announced by FromSoftware or Publisher Bandai Namco. They have yet to have any concrete answers about the game’s future. However, FromSoftware has a history of releasing DLC to their previous titles. Dark Souls 1-3 and Bloodborne received substantial post-launch support.

    In press releases, there have been some hints. One included a quote by Yasuo Miyakawa, Bandai Namco Entertainment CEO and President. He talks about “expanding the brand beyond the game.” Bandai Namco knows they must capitalize on Elden Ring’s significance, and post-launch content would be the best way to do this.

    Latest Elden Ring DLC News & Leaks

    Update For November 2nd

    Six new weapon categories new hairstyles, and new AI goals.

    • Map files for legacy dungeons, Colosseum maps, and new files suggesting gauntlet-type additions, as well as map modifications at the most divine towers
    • They left room for 30 boss flags in the section where they are declared. However, they may still need to add 30 bosses to DLC.

    27th October Update

    Fans speculate that Elden Ring DLC may be on the horizon as Elden Ring’s official game guides delay Volume II until early 2023.

    20th October Update

    FromSoftware’s Elden Ring 1.7 update added “separate harm scaling for PvP,” leading us to believe that the first DLC may be PvP Focused. Lance McDonald also noted that the update references “two new maps that don’t yet exist in the game data” in both the code and Ray Tracing support.

    Is Elden Ring Capable Of Multiple DLCs?

    Although developer FromSoftware may release more than one Elden Ring DLC for the game. There is needs to be more information available about how many DLCs. Every other Soulsborne title, except for Demon’s Soul Remake, has received at most one significant DLC. Look at FromSoftware’s SoulsBorne labels to see how many DLCs they have received.

    • Dark Souls: Only One DLC
    • Dark Souls 2: Two DLCs.
    • Dark Souls 3: Two DLCs.
    • Bloodborne: One DLC.
    • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: One free DLC.

    Elden Ring will get at least one large, expansion-sized DLC and a few smaller DLC. We will update this article as soon as we have more information on Elden Ring DLC.

    Are Elden Ring Barbarians From The Badlands Leaked

    According to some leaks, Elden Ring’s first DLC would be called Barbarians of the Badlands. Barbarians of the Badlands, a large-scale expansion, is said to be outside the realm of the Lands Between. You would have noticed that Tarnished was exiled from the Badlands after Godfrey lost grace.

    The Badlands saw the death of Godfrey and all Tarnished. Tarnished was seen returning to the Lands Between during the Elden Ring prologue. It is possible that the first Elden Ring DLC was actually Barbarians of the Badlands.

    Remember to take the leaked information on Barbarians of Badlands with a grain of salt until FromSoftware, and Bandai Namco reveals official details. All Elden Ring DLC/Expansion content at this stage is speculation. It could be focused on Melania’s brother. Miquella is described as the most fearsome Empyrean.

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