Apple Watch Series 8 Launch, Features, Price, And Sale

    Apple debuted a brand-new Apple Watch model named “Ultra” during this year’s “Far Out” launch event. The new Series 7 features some upgrades over the previous generation but are not as significant as anticipated. Should you purchase the new Apple Watch Series 8, or should you stick with the Series 7?

    Apple Watch Series 8 Price And Sales 

    The Apple Watch Series 8 is available in two sizes (41 mm and 45 mm) and two colors (space black and silver). Another item to consider is the Apple Watch connectivity. The average GPS gadget and the GPS Plus cellular device are available here.

    Apple Watch Series, 8 prices with a 41 mm aluminum casing, start at $399 in the USA (Rs. 45,900 in India) for the GPS-only variant, and Rs. The Series 8 with GPS costs Rs. 48,900. However, the Series 8 with GPS and mobile service costs Rs. Both feature 45 mm thick metal casings. In India, the GPS + cellular Apple Watch Series 8 built of stainless steel starts at $2749 in the USA (Rs. 74,900in India). (applicable to the 41 mm base casing)

    Apple Watch Series 8 Launch And Features 

    The appearance of the Apple Watch hasn’t changed much in recent years. The Apple Watch Series 7 had a larger screen last year, but the device remains the same size this year. The only visible difference between the two watches is that the newer one has “Series 8” printed on the back of the casing. The Apple Watch Series 8 may employ bands from the Series 7, depending on the size of the case.

    The new Apple Watch Series 8 is built and designed just as nicely as its predecessors. My watch’s black silicone Sport Band was changed with the more costly Summit White/Black Nike Sport Band (about Rs. 4,500). I wore the Series 8 to bed, something I seldom do with conventional watches. Despite its 38.8g weight, it was comfortable to wear when working, exercising, or doing anything else. 

    Rubbing the Apple Watch Series 8 against a big metal chain did not harm the Ion-X glass screen or the aluminum casing during our tests. The sapphire crystal glass screen of the more premium stainless steel variant prevents scratches but is much more expensive.

    Apple Watch Series 8 Specs

    The Apple Watch Series 8 has an IP6X dustproof certification. It supports protection in water up to 50 meters deep. The Magnetic Charger, which includes a USB-C socket on the other end, has remained a standard component of the box.

    The Apple Watch Series 8’s new S8 SiP, or system-in-a-package, includes 32GB of storage for synced media and programs (apart from the watchOS software and respective app caches). I purchased the second-generation Apple Watch SE, but I only utilized roughly 10 GB of storage capacity. The new S8 SiP has WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, the W3 wireless chip for pairing with Bluetooth-enabled devices, and the U1 CPU for system-level functions (Ultra Wideband).

    Like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 8 has a variety of health sensors, such as a blood-oxygen level sensor and an electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder. A more powerful gyroscope and accelerometer aid Apple’s new Crash Detection function, a new two-temperature sensor design that measures skin temperature when sleeping and women’s new ovulation tracking feature.

    What Can The Apple Watch Series 8 Do?

    The Series 8 Apple Watch features the same 1.9-inch LTPO OLED screen as the Series 7, with a maximum brightness of 1000 nits and an always-on brightness of up to 500 nits. I could read it even in the middle of the day since the screen is so brilliant. With the always-on function, any Face Gallery watch faces look excellent.

    This is beneficial not just for the regular watch faces that display the time, date, and weather, but also for the Portrait watch face, which reduces the brightness of the image to a level that can be viewed and appreciated in this always-on mode. 

    It’s simple to access applications, navigate, measure your fitness, and change your face with watchOS 9 and the new S8 SiP. “Playtime” is the name of one of the new watch faces. It displays the time using a series of colorful, blown-up digits that float in and out of view.

    Although the Apple Watch has always been capable of tracking sleep, the additional sleep phases in watchOS 9 (the ability to detect and monitor REM, core, and deep sleep) will provide users with far more information to help them improve their sleeping habits. Apple claims to have created a sophisticated algorithm to test this. It utilizes data from the accelerometer (which measures movement during sleep) and the heart rate sensor to anticipate the user’s sleep habits. The information concerning sleep stages seems to be correct in my situation. 


    When Will Apple Series 8 Watch Launch?

    Apple unveiled the Apple Watch 8 at its Far Out event on September 7, with the iPhone 14 series and the AirPods Pro 2. The Apple Watch 8 was released on September 16. While the Apple Watch SE was released on September 23. On September 23, the Apple Watch Ultra will be available.

    Is The Newest Apple Watch, The Apple Watch 8, Water-resistant?

    When swimming in shallow water, such as a pool or the ocean, the Apple Watch Series 2 and later may be worn. Only the Apple Watch Ultra should be worn when scuba diving, waterskiing, or doing anything else in deep or fast-moving water.

    Should I Get An Apple Watch 7 Now Or Wait For The Apple Watch 8?

    Still, if you can’t wait and need everything right once, you may want to wait until the Apple Watch Series 8 is out. Rumors suggest that it will come with a new sensor, nice battery life, and a more contemporary design. You may want to wait if they are the features you want in a smartwatch.


    The Apple Watch Series 8 is an excellent fitness tracker. And with the release of watchOS 9, it can now measure sleep. However, Apple seems to solve this issue with the Apple Watch Ultra. The Apple Watch 8 designing is very good to support both iPhone and non-iPhone users. Until the 2022 Apple Watch, Crash Detection was only accessible on Apple wearables.

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