13 Classic Childhood Games Every Generation Loves

    Everyone loves the game and everyone play the game in childhood times. In this article, we try to connect your time with your childhood time. Follow this article to know about the beautiful childhood games for kids. Here are the 13 classic childhood games every generation loves to play.

    1. Jump Rope 

    Jump Rope 

    Jump rope is an old-school game that children use to play in their free time. It’s a great way to get exercise and have some fun simultaneously. The game rules are very similar to hopscotch, but jump rope is plays on a horizontal line or the floor rather than a square. In order to win, players must jump for two minutes without touching the ground or letting go of the jump rope. A player holds a pair of ropes and jumps over the top using both feet to avoid letting go of the rope. Moreover, it’s an easy game to play whether you have one or two people jumping at one time. 

    2. Hide and Seek 

    Hide and Seek game

    One of the most popular childhood games is hide and seek. The goal is to find someone who hides while counting or watching time. When the time is up, everyone that is hiding needs to be found. The game becomes more difficult when many people are playing. Because they are trying to hide at the same time. 

    Moreover, it can play in any place with sufficient space to hide, such as a house, schoolyard, or forest. When playing this game, it’s best to have multiple people because the more players you have, the better chance you have of finding the person who is hiding.

    3. Building Blocks

    Building Blocks game

    Building Blocks are one of the most popular toys for children. The game is played by a group of people who build a structure together, usually with blocks arranged in different shapes and sizes. The game’s object is to have your partner guess what the building looks like once it has been built. Therefore, if they don’t know, you can use the cards that come with the game to figure out what it is before telling them.

    4. Snakes and Ladders

    Snakes and Ladders

    Snakes and Ladders is a classic game for children, but it involves more strategy than most people give it credit for. The game board is a series of interconnected ladders numbered from 1 to 100. There are also spaces on the board which have snakes instead of numbers. Players move their pieces onto the next space on the board that corresponds with their number on each turn. Moreover, the goal is to go up the ladder and make sure your opponent doesn’t get ahead of you by moving down the ladder each time they land on the snake.

    5. Pittu


    Have players had to stop the game because someone struck it too much and was crying? If you refer to it with an alternative name, it’s a game in which two teams are formed. The players of one team need to break the stone pile by hit them with a ball. Then all the players from the same team would attempt to make the pile go back up. Therefore, a member of the opposing team would strike the player with a ball to keep you from breaking the pile.

    6. Parachute

    childhood Parachute Games

    Fun for children of all age groups, this game requires an enormous round parachute, usually with handles, and players holding the parachute across the perimeter. It’s helpful to have someone in charge and tell everyone how to play. Players can raise the parachute down for a, but they could take it up and down as well as to the top and then slide down, and then sit at the end of the parachute. Also, it creates a bubble of air, surrounded by everyone else.

    It is also possible to place small objects like beanbags or whiffle balls over the parachute to let them leap by creating a ruffle in the parachute. One person may be seated in the center of the parachute while everyone ruffles it close to the ground. Then everyone pulls backward to spin the child around. There are numerous variations.

    7. Four Square

    four square game

    The ball game plays in a square court that is further split into smaller squares with numbers one to four. A player plays in each square, with the achievement at the top place player at number one while the lowest is in the fourth square. You throw the ball between the players, making a single bounce in the opposite square before the player who caught the ball.

    When I was an infant, there were many rules we could pick from. The player in the first square was able to decide on the rules. Therefore, any player who breaks the rules then out from the order of rank layer, which rotates into square four.

    8. Freeze Tag

    freeze tag game

    This is a variation on Tag in which someone else who’s “it” tags you, and you must freeze where you are. Someone else can tag you to free you.

    9. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs

    Set up chairs facing the outside within a circle to create one less than the total number of participants. Another player should take charge of the music. As soon as the music begins, the participants walk through the chairs. After the music has stopped, the players settle down in the closest chair as fast as possible. 

    One player who has no chair is out of the game. The chair is out then the match continues as follows. The player who is in the last chair wins. The game can be done indoors. However, it is also possible to play outdoors with outdoor furniture and an electronic music player that can be carried around.

    10. Name Place Animal Thing

    Name Place Animal Thing Game

    The general knowledge enthusiasts loved this. It was a perfect game to play during an extended train journey. Because, unlike Ludo and Snakes and Ladders, the dice and gotis didn’t be thrown away or shake and spark arguments over which side the players were actually on (rolls eyes with a smile).

    11. Red Light & Green Light

    red light green light game

    If you have enough space enough and can play the game indoors. One player is in charge of the traffic signal at one point. On the other hand, the other players are on the other side. If the traffic light is facing the players in the crowd, he/they says, “Red light!” and everyone has to stop. 

    The traffic light changes its back and announces “Green light!” as the group attempts to be as close to the light it is possible. The traffic light changes rapidly, saying, “Red light! “If anyone is seen moving, they must return to their starting point. The first person who tags at the light is the winner and is eligible for an opportunity to become the following light.

    12. Chain Sakli

    Chain Sakli game

    If you were in a relationship in your youth, this might be your favorite game as it lets you hug and play. After a while, when the chain became long, it would be an amusement to watch your friends fall.

    13. Marbles

    Marble Game childhood

    The rules generally state the drawing of a circle either in your sand or even on the pavement. Then try to knock your marbles from the circles using the one big marble. Similar to different games available, you can find many variations. I’ve never played this game in a long time as I tend to get injured when I throw the huge marble in the rings! It is also possible to use marble mats that have various point zones.


    Childhood games are always in our memories and we love to see when our kids play the same game. Nowadays due to evolving of Technology, kids are missing these games and are more engaged with mobile or video games. Hope our list of 13 classic childhood games walks through your childhood memories and your kind love to play them.

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