10 Horror Games To Play If You Like Poppy Playtime

    With the release of poppy playtime chapter 2, it’s fair to say that excitement for the forthcoming survival horror game has risen. A reader unfamiliar with this genre may struggle to get into the novel since the protagonist is a former toy factory worker who returns to the facility years after everyone else has mysteriously vanished.

    The Best 10 Horror Games Like Poppy Playtime 

    Five Nights At Freddy’s

    The 2014 release of Five Nights at Freddy’s enhanced the survival horror subgenre tremendously. Thus it seems logical to start with it here. Since in games like poppy playtime free, there have been nine significant installments and thirteen other games in the series. The majority of survival horror games take place in a fixed location.

    In the original version, players took on the role of a security guard attempting to elude capture by a band of aggressive animatronics. Gameplay and aesthetics have developed over time, but it hasn’t prevented fans from returning to the series’ beginnings to relive the scariest dolls.

    Bendy And The Ink Machine

    Bendy And The Ink Machine’s first chapter was released in 2017, with the remaining four chapters coming in 2018. Because the structure of games like poppy playtime for android is so similar, this technique of information dissemination is also called by that name. After receiving a strange request from his old boss, the protagonist, a retired animator, is summoned back to work at his previous firm.


    The Boogeyman is a fantastic fit for the child’s bedroom and the growing pace with which the monster is arriving over the seven nights leading up to Halloween. On night seven, the Boogeyman always emerges. It has an exciting difficulty, and the danger seems real throughout the game. In that regard, it’s ideal for lovers of the games like the poppy playtime ps4 series who like tense scares.


    Even though horror games like poppy playtime are unique, the creepy, tense atmosphere reminds me of embarking on a new journey on a large Phasmophobia map. Players must explore a region alone or in groups of up to three to pursue the ghost who haunts it.

    Fans should not be concerned about the short duration of Poppy Playtime since Phasmophobia is here to assist. For these people, phobophobia, which has nothing to do with claustrophobia, is an ideal alternative. Unsurprisingly, many people have spent hundreds of hours with Phasmophobia since it includes unique cooperative possibilities and many replay values. These games like poppy playtime Reddit players may be willing to assist eager newcomers by teaching them the ropes.

    Among The Sleep

    Try controlling a newborn if commanding a toddler or infant is too difficult in a survival horror game. In Among the Sleep, you must complete a series of puzzles while avoiding Hydra, a troll-like beast. To advance through the stages and solve the riddles, the player must shuffle or crawl while led by a teddy bear.

    Due to the unusual nature of the game’s concept, the narrative of Among the Sleep centers around a lady who refuses to let her child meet his father. Our option is one of the most horrifying we’ve examined. It’s a significant advancement for both the storyline and the poppy playtime age rating as a whole.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    Even though most of the games on this list were published after 2010, Amnesia remains a fantastic representation of the survival horror subgenre. A young man who cannot be recognized finds himself amid a Prussian fortification. Nothing else is definite; all he knows is that a shadow is following him. The adversary in the game exemplifies how darkness may be successfully exploited as a poppy playtime free download component.

    Daniel must enter the castle without any defenses to find out what’s happening before dusk. Amnesia: The Dark Descent was a terrible experience from start to finish, and many credits its gameplay and duration for triggering a genre shift toward horror games.

    At Dead Of Night

    The poppy playtime chapter 2, At Dead of Night, was filmed in a live-action style to increase tension. The player knows that her character is in danger and that the killer may appear around the next bend. To paraphrase Poppy Playtime, you’ll explore an unusual, maybe spooky, place while being hunted by an unknown attacker.

    Dead of Night is much longer than Poppy Playtime but is also more frightening and dramatic. The utilization of live-action filming also surprised many observers. Jimmy may be one of the most complex villains to defeat in a horror game, but he is a master at mood-building.

    Hello Neighbor

    Hello Neighbor, a frighteningly popular game, promotes sneaky behavior. It’s another one-of-a-kind experience that sticks out due to its creative difficulties and sophisticated AI enemy. It’s also a pretty long game compared to the previous poppy playtime age rating.

    Although finishing Hello Neighbor without previous knowledge may be difficult, the outcome is well worth the effort. Fans of puzzle games will like poppy playtime free download, even though puzzles are seldom incorporated into video games. It’s probable that the sequel, which is set to be released in 2018, will be the same.

    Don’t Knock Twice

    The urban legend that inspired Don’t Knock Twice, a first-person horror game, has a horrific backstory. As the game’s protagonist, the player is free to explore the area as they see appropriate. If a guilty mother wants to reclaim her daughter, she must first unearth the horrible truth behind the urban legend of a vengeful and deadly witch. A single tap on the door was enough to grab her attention, but it took two to resurrect her.

    Explore every inch of this game like poppy playtime free and try out as many features as possible. You’ll have to search real estate to find your daughter. You’ll employ several techniques to either disguise yourself or flee while doing so.

    Rusty Lake Hotel

    Ensure that all visitors at the Rusty Lake Inn have a pleasant stay. This week there will be five dinners. Every meal you prepare should be handled as though it were your final. Rusty Lake Hotel, games like poppy playtime Reddit, is an enjoyable point-and-click adventure game created by the same team behind the Cube Escape series.


    We have discussed the 10 best horror games to play if you like Poppy Playtime. Try these and share your best experiences with us in the comments section.

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