10 Basic Poker Strategy Tips for Beginners

    Sometimes it seems difficult to understand what to do or not to do when starting to play poker, right? Following this thought, the simple will probably be more useful than the complex. Below you will find 10 basic poker strategy tips that are easy to understand and apply. These will make all the difference in your poker learning. By mastering these 10 basic poker strategy tips for beginners, you are sure to be many steps ahead of your opponents.

    What Is Poker?

    Poker is a card game played by two or more people very common in casinos. It is considered the most popular card game in the world. Also, this is the most popular of a class of games in which players with fully or partially hidden cards place bets for a central pile. After which the result of the bets is awarded to the player or player. 

    Poker Tips And Strategies

    Do Not Play All Hands

    Most beginners play a lot of hands. You have to be selective with your starting hands so you don’t have to make difficult decisions after the flop.

    Know When To Follow The Hand And Also When To Fold

    There is no shame in giving up your cards. Many beginners keep betting or calling knowing that the chance of them winning is slim. Professional players say that knowing how to fold losing hands is the key to being a winning player.

    Try To Choose Matches Where You Can Win

    If you want to win, choose games that have a suitable limit, where you can beat other players. If you have a hard time winning, play in cheaper matches until you find opponents of your level. When playing poker, leave your ego at home.

    Study Your Opponents

    The best time to observe other players is when you are not in the hand. Pay attention to the bets, which position they play and the cards they show at the end of the turn.

    You Have To Understand The Importance Of The Position Relative To The Button

    Not only knowing how to play good hands is vital in Poker, but it is also very important to know best poker tips to them in good position. The best ones are the “button” and the position before the “button”, because they allow you to see the way your opponents act before it’s your turn to play.

    Betting To Find Out What Your Opponents Have

    Don’t always bet that you have the best hand. Professionals use various techniques in their best to know “how are” their opponents. Avoid calling a stronger bet to see the following cards. A raise with an average hand can indicate your opponent’s strength.

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    Try To Put Your Opponents In A “Range” Of Hands

    Try to put yourself in your opponents’ shoes when they bet or rise. If you’ve made notes, this information can help you make a decision in the next round of betting, as you’ll get an idea of ​​what kind of cards they might be playing.

    Learn To Make A Bluff Or Semi-Bluff

    At the opportune moment, against an opportune player and not very often, a bluff can be very effective. It’s always good to have a “b” plan up your sleeve, meaning the semi-bluff would be well executed with a pair or when you’re on a draw.

    Note: Use poker strategies advanced when there are few possibilities that the opponent will pay, or when there are good possibilities to improve your game. 

    Change Your Game As The Blinds Increase Or Decrease

    You have to be unpredictable. You should change your image from time to time so other players can’t be sure what you have when you’re in a hand. From time to time you have to play marginal hands, preferably in good position. These changes should be subtle and not drastically change the number of hands you will be playing. Keep an eye on your opponents’ stacks. Try not to clash with the Big Stacks or the Short Stacks, as they will not offer you any difficulty in taking chips. Always aim for medium stacks.

    Read A Lot About Poker: Write Down Tips, Articles, Forums And Practice A Lot

    Theory is essential, and this is the task you have to do to improve your game. If you are serious about poker, you will have to dedicate time to study poker strategy. You will need patience to play and the humility to recognize that you need help. Making friends is very important to improve your game and understanding of this psychology.

    So, keep in mind these poker strategies for beginners to start the journey successfully. 


    To play poker strategy cash game, it is necessary to learn the basic rules and procedures of the game, the values ​​of the various card combinations, and the rules about betting and its limits.

    Some knowledge about the poker tournament strategy is helpful. There are also many variants of poker, such as – closed poker (such as five-card draw), open poker (such as seven-card stud) and community card poker (such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha), among others. Each of the cited category examples are a good starting point for learning about other games in the same genre. Only 5% of poker players are profitable, which shows how necessary it is to study this online poker strategy of the mind.

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